Discover the Secrets of the Celestial Realms and Connect with Your Guardian Angels at Our Angel Mystery School!

An Introduction To Our Mission And Purpose

Welcome to our Celestial Inspiration Mystery School For Earth Angels where we are dedicated to providing comprehensive spiritual education and training on the subject of angels and the celestial realms.

Our courses and programs aim to empower individuals to develop a stronger connection with their angels, unlock their spiritual potential and live a more fulfilling life through learning how to receive guidance, blessings and miracles from angels.

Our purpose for setting up this school is because of our calling to help people to discover their connection with the angels as we've witnessed people's lives transformed because of this connection.

Through our education in our Mystery School, our students have received financial abundance, loving soulmate relationships, healed their health issues and regained their vitality and passion for life, found their life's purpose and destiny and even received timely guidance from the Divine for their daily decisions.

Connect with your angels by registering a FREE account on our Celestial Connections course so you’ll know how to connect with your guides to receive guidance, blessings, and miracles.


What We Offer

Our angel courses are here to help you live the life you were meant to live - fully aligned with the Divine plan with angels guiding you every step of the way.

Your heavenly angels will light your path as an earth angel… and work with you through our courses.

When you're looking for specific guidance or blessings, you can work with angels to receive more abundance, healing, wisdom, love, and protection in any other area of your life.

We have courses on:

  • How to connect with your angels and living a guided life
  • How to receive wealth and abundance from your angels
  • How to attract or create a soulmate or twin flame relationship with the help of your love angels
  • How to find your Divine purpose and destiny with your life purpose angels
  • How to understand the messages your angels are sending you through angel numbers
  • How to receive miracles, answered prayers and Divine intervention from your angels
  • How to have a fresh start and a new beginning with the help from your angels
  • How to manifest the life of your dreams with your manifestation angels
  • How to raise your vibration across 12 areas of your life through our 'Celestial Library' of angel meditations

Most of our customers who go through our courses not only experience a deep connection with their angels, they also experience deep transformation in their personal lives.

Our Approach

Life is challenging enough when you have to figure everything out on your own.

That is why our angel channelers at Celestial Inspiration spend time channeling the messages and guidance from angels for your benefit.

Since 2014, we’ve been guiding souls to rediscover their connection with the Divine so you’ll receive the guidance you need and won’t have to figure out all the steps to walk life's journey.

We compile the Divine knowledge and wisdom we receive from our time spent with the angels so you will get the best of angel guidance at a fraction of the cost and time required.

With our endless selections of courses, meditations, invocations, prayers, and immersive angel energies, you’ll experience your angels and their transformative powers of raising your vibration like never before.

Testimonials From Our Students!

"I just want to thank you so much for the wonderful message from Archangel Michael that I received a couple of hours after I had written my email to you today. Michael's message calmed me down and made me feel safe again. And I felt so blessed and happy. I will pray to Archangel Michael before I go to sleep tonight. So thank you for the lovely prayer I got. I finished the "New Beginning" course today and feel so blessed and grateful for the new me."

- Malin 

"Thanks! I have been experiencing the angel presence through signs"

- Mathilda Wiagolu

"Inspirational and motivational!"

- Marian Midesh

"I'm really grateful to have stumbled upon their site. I feel so blessed. All the information and input helped me greatly. My whole life went in a better direction. I wasn't in a good situation, but piece by piece, it really gets better. I get a lot of signs and feel more aligned. It's a big help! Thank you to everyone on the team, especially the angels! I feel supported in my beliefs and I am in awe over their videos. I'm trying to watch more. I'm really glad a site like this exist. Thank you dearly. Much love sent to this wonderful team!"

- Hikaru B.

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